Take a Bow!: Lesson Plans for Preschool Drama (Smith and Kraus Instructional Books for Teachers Series)

  • ISBN-13: 9781575253411
  • $27.84

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Take a Bow! Lesson Plans for Pre-School Drama is a teacher’s guide o creating successful drama lessons for the pre-school age group. The book outlines and explains four major types of drama lessons designed specifically for pre-school children. In addition, it leads both the new and seasoned pre-school teacher through follow-up activities that will teach students valuable lessons, as well as keeping them entertained. Thousands of pre-schools across the country advertise on their web sites and in their catalogues that they offer a Drama class as a part of their curriculum. Yet, you will find very few college education departments teaching how to create such a drama class for this age group – and even fewer books on the subject. Take a Bow! Speaks directly to both today’s creatively minded pre-school teachers who are looking to bring a new aspect of learning into their classroom, as well as the drama teacher in search of knowledge from an experienced educator on dealing with this age group.

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