Teens' Guide to College & Career Planning (Teen's Guide to College and Career Planning)

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With input from teens, parents, and numerous experts, Teens Guide to College & Career Planning knows just how to talk to high school students about the important decisions involving life after graduation. This easy-to-read guide, with updated content by Justin Ross Muchnick (author of Peterson's The Boarding School Survival Guide), enables busy students to hone in on the right information for them. Whether they're planning to head to a two-year or four-year college, a technical school, an apprenticeship, the military, or directly into the workforce-or even if they are still undecided-Teens' Guide is where they'll find information on the various options available and which ones may best suit their skills, needs, and desires. Valuable advice on planning for college, including helpful information on choosing a major and financial aid; getting a job, entering the military, and other crucial issues Section for middle school students transitioning to high school, with advice from guidance counselors, parents, and students Expert advice on the increasingly popular gap-year option Tips on interviews, resumes, and cover letters Fun design that makes it easy for busy middle school and high school students to read in their on-the-go lives!

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