The California Missions

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Discover the fascinating history of California's missions. From 1769 to 1823 Spain established twenty-one missions in Alta (or upper) California. These twenty-one missions were charged with converting the natives to Christianity, and provided an important strong-hold for Spain in Alta California. Graced with original artwork, historical art renderings and color photos, this exquisite book was written by Msgr. Francis J. Weber of the Los Angeles Archdiocese. He takes you along El Camino Real where the missions were established and introduces the 142 Spanish friars who administered them and the native peoples who were brought into the fold of Christianity and Spanish culture. Written in a style directed to inquisitive students, casual readers and even serious scholars, this treatise helps the reader understand the story of the missions within the context of the times and areas in which they existed and in the values of those who staffed and supported them.

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