The Complete Guide to Building with Rocks & Stone: Stonework Projects and Techniques Explained Simply Revised 2nd Edition (Back to Basics)

  • ISBN-13: 9781620230152
  • $23.14

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This totally revised book will walk you through the process of developing, planning, and implementing a stone building project. You will learn about the common types of stone, where natural stone is found, and how to gather your own fieldstone. You will learn how to use stone, where to acquire it, and how it is cut, sold, and used in various projects. You will learn what tools you need, how to start working with dry stone, how to work with mortared stone, and the correct way to pour and mix cement. You will learn how to build stone walls, mailboxes, and fireplaces. You can enhance your backyard with a stone patio, arch, rock garden and more.

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