The Enlightened Sex Manual & audio CD

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We are all created through the radiance of love - an energy that continually seeks expression through our bodies, teaches David Deida. Many of us have glimpsed this truth in occasional moments of passionate sex, only to be left wondering how to reconnect with the infinite love we intuit within and around us. With nine highly acclaimed books on the essence of sex and spirit to his credit, David Deida now offers The Enlightened Sex Manual, his first work dedicated to sharing the sexual skills and techniques taught in his sought-after international workshops and lectures. Join this bestselling author and revolutionary teacher to explore: How to circulate internal energy for greater relaxation and heightened sensuality, The secrets to multiple, "whole-body" orgasms - for men and women. A variety of sexual techniques that enhance the fullness of sexual pleasure and spiritual surrender, Advanced sexual energy exercises for continued practice in the art of enlightened sex (including two extensive guided practices on CD). "The primary purpose of enlightened sex is to live as love by recognizing and relaxing into the open, unlimited, aware depth of being that you are," teaches David Deida. With The Enlightened Sex Manual, now you have all the tools you need in one practical resource to help you become a "superior lover" - one who shines in the moment-by-moment offering of love's light. Book jacket.

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