The Forever Home: How To Work With An Architect To Design The Home Of Your Dreams

  • ISBN-13: 9781599324289
  • $45.53

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The Forever Home provides the foundation toconfidently explore what you want, plan yourdream home, and find the right professionals tomake it a reality.Renowned architect Kevin Harris will guide youthrough his proven, step-by-step process to designand build a house that fits you so well it becomesyour forever home. No matter where you travel,your forever home is the place you feel complete.Inside these pages, you’ll learn how to:• Determine when it makessense to hire an architect• Evaluate and assemble the design teamand construction team that’s right for you• Understand the residentialconstruction process• Use the Hierarchy of Design to makethe most important decisions first• Recognize the pitfalls and avoidmany common, but ill advisedcost-saving schemesThe Forever Home will pave the way for you todesign and build not only the home of your currentdreams, but the home that will be perfect for yourchildren, grandchildren, aging parents, and evenyou later in life.

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