The Invisible Actor (Performance Books)

  • ISBN-13: 9780413696106
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Yoshi Oida is completely unique. A Japanese actor and director who hasworked mainly in the West as a member of Peter Brook's theatre companyin Paris, he blends the oriental tradition of supreme and studiedcontrol with the Western performer's need to characterise and exposedepths of emotion.Inthis practical and captivating study of the actor's art written withLorna Marshall, Yoshi Oida explains that once the audience becomesopenly aware of the actor's method and becomes too conscious of theactor's artistry, the wonder of performance dies. The audience mustnever see the actor but only his or her performance. Throughout LornaMarshall provides a running commentary on Yoshi Oida's work and methodswhich help you understand the achievement of this singular theatricalartist.

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