The Lizard King: The Essential Jim Morrison

  • ISBN-13: 9780859654401
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Back in print, The Lizard King chronicles the life and death of one of the most irresistibly enigmatic figures in the history of rock: The Doors' infamous frontman Jim Morrison.Poet, shaman, Dionysian drunk, and druggie, Doors lead singer Jim Morrison quickly achieved cult status after his death in 1971. In The Lizard King, Jerry Hopkins reassesses Jim Morrison's life and provides fresh insights into this powerful and troubled talent, considering him as a human being rather than the myth he has become. At the heart of the book is a series of interviews with Morrison by journalists Ben Fong-Torres, John Tobler, Richard Goldstein, and others. Published uncut, they present a previously unseen Morrison: articulate, intelligent, witty, even self-deprecating. Hopkins includes updates on the people the "erotic politician" left behind.

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