The Photographer's Master Guide to Color

  • ISBN-13: 9781781579824
  • $65.45

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Color is key in photography, but very few photographers actually understand how it works - and new software and ever-improving camera sensors have now given them an infinite number of options. Finally, here is a thorough course on color and the role it plays in digital photography. The latest book by best-selling photographer Jeff Wignall will give you a new understanding of the important role color plays in the creation of successful photos, and let you take outstanding color photographs with any digital camera. Filled with Wignall’s inspirational work, this is the essential guide for everyone wishing to create awesome photographs that capitalise on the nuances and interplay of color, without having to rely entirely on the saturation slider. Study the emotional responses throughout the color spectrum, master how to instil a sense of time and place, even learn to see colors in the dark – this professional guide covers it all, from technical considerations to creative possibilities, and more. Hobbyist and pro photographers will · Learn the essentials of color theory and gain a practical knowledge of neutrals, hue, and intensity. · Understand color perception and use it subjectively to communicate warmth and mood. · Master the processing of color to enhance its role in the final image. The book gives the reader a thorough grounding in colour theory - which most photographers know nothing about - and then shows the many ways it can be applied in practice. · Illustrated throughout with Jeff’s own photography · A thorough grounding in theory gives excellent practical results · A crucial, but little-understood, area of the art

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