The Redrock Canyon Explorer (The Explorer Library)

  • ISBN-13: 9780915965045
  • $12.15

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This book for both kids and adults has something for every nature lover - especially if you're planning a visit to the redrock canyon country of the Southwest. The gripping illustrated story on the right-hand pages follows the lives of the mammals, birds, insects, reptiles and plants and their closely interconnected paths in a desert canyon. Experience a flash flood and visit the canyon potholes with the wildlife. Explore Ancient Puebloan lifeways and artifacts in the ancient sites where some of the story takes place. The pages facing the text give fascinating details and an enriched field-guide background of factual (and fun) related information. Superb illustrations illuminate every subject - from tracks and skulls and animal behavior to petrified sand dunes and dinosaur footprints. Carefully researched "information nuggets" spark insight on what's happening in the picture/story on the opposite pages. There are maps of the Colorado Plateau and the fictional redrock canyon, a great guide to the geology of all the popular parks and monuments, plus hiking and camping do's and don'ts, and an entertaining, low-impact Things-To-Do section.

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