The Voice That Precedes Thought

  • ISBN-13: 9781555310035
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Only by knowing one's self can what is not of time be known. This book introduces us to that serene and timeless being which exists in each one of us, beyond personality. It touches upon those moments of stillness in which we meet our own Reality. Lofty, noble, and inspiring, this book is a fountainhead of wisdom-- a contribution for all times to those who seek Truth and a life of ethics and virtue. It offers a glimpse at a way of life which is meaningful and purposeful, a gift to oneself and to all mankind. This extraordinary compilation brings together for the first time Mr. Singh's revised and expanded books: Gratefulness, Productivity, Time And The Timeless, The Voice, and a major new work, Silence. Also included are nine works which provide a fascinating picture of the years and events in Mr. Singh's life which flowered into the One Year Non-Commercialized Retreat: A Serious Study of A Course In Miracles which he conducted-- free of charge-- from Easter 1983 to Easter 1984.

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