The Writer's Guide to Everyday Life from Prohibition Through World War II (Writer's Guides to Everyday Life)

  • ISBN-13: 9780898796971
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It was a romantic, story-rich time in America - full of drama (from the Stock Market Crash to The War of the Worlds), an assorted cast of real-life characters (from Babe Ruth to Baby Face Nelson), and intriguing settings for your fiction or nonfiction.In this potent reference, Marc McCutcheon fills you in on what everyday life was like back then. He gives you authentic, nitty-gritty details that will help you anchor your story in the era. Quotes from magazines, newspapers and books of the period illustrate some of the words and slang terms in context. Quick-reference chronologies of events, popular movies, books and songs make fact-checking easy.A great alternative to spending days digging around in your local library for vital background, The Writer's Guide serves up a healthy slice of life to help you add color, depth and a ring-of-truth to your writing.

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