Then and Now Bible Map Insert - Ultra-thin atlas fits in the back of your Bible

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Tired of looking at the tiny maps included in the back of your Bible and still not understanding an ancient city's location? Most study Bibles provide maps showing only the position of cities during biblical times in super small print, making your study efforts frustrating, time consuming, and incomplete.Rose Publishing's Then and Now Bible Map Insert provides clear plastic overlays, making it easier than ever to see where biblical places were 3000 years ago and where they are today.Knowing the whereabouts of ancient cities and their distance from modern-day locations remains an essential part of any Bible study. The Then and Now Bible Map Insert enables you to conveniently place over 22 full-color maps within your Bible to reference throughout your Bible study.Then and Now Bible Maps Insert includes 44 pages with 8 clear plastic overlays; 22 full color maps; larger print; every major city in the Bible; separate maps for each of Paul's journeys; a Bible time line; and an index. 5.5 x 7.75 inches (ultra-thin).With this insert, you will easily find out fascinating facts, such as • The ruins of Nineveh are in Northern Iraq near Mosul in Kurdish areas.• The wise men were probably from Iran or Saudi Arabia.• Queen Esther's throne was less than 300 miles northeast of Kuwait City.Then and Now Bible Maps Insert features:• Middle East: Then & Now maps• Old Testament Time Line• Abraham's Journeys• Journeys of Jacob and Joseph• Families of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob• The Exodus: Then & Now maps• Judges and Prophets of Israel• Holy Land-Twelve Tribes: Then & Now maps• The Cycle Pattern in Judges• Holy Land-United Kingdom: Then & Now maps• The Tabernacle• Holy Land-Divided Kingdom: Then & Now maps• Assyrian Empire: Then & Now maps• Babylonian Empire map• Persian Empire maps• New Testament Time Line• Jerusalem map• Holy Land-New Testament: Then & Now maps• Paul's Travels and Missionary Journeys maps• Paul's Journey to Rome• IndexCompared to other products on the market, Rose's Bible Map Insert offers • MORE full-color maps• MORE clear plastic overlays• LARGER font sizeNow, you will know where Bible places are today and will discover how Location, Location, Location matters within the Bible with Rose Publishing's Then and Now Bible Map Insert.9 Ways Rose Publishing's Then and Now Bible Map Insert is better than Sonlight's1. Rose has 22 maps; Sonlight has 13 maps.2. All 22 of Rose's maps are full color; Sonlight has only 4 color maps.3. Rose has 44 pages; Sonlight has 40 pages.4. Rose has larger 8-10 point type; Sonlight's type is 5-6 point.5. Rose has 8 clear plastic overlays; Sonlight has only 4.6. Rose has Scripture references for each person and event on the time lines; Sonlight does not.7. Rose has a 6-page Bible time line; Sonlight has a 4-page time line8. Rose has specific maps for the journeys of Abraham, Jacob, and Joseph; Sonlight does not.9. Rose has individual maps for each of Paul's journeys; Sonlight does not.

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