Vegetables, Herbs and Fruit: An Illustrated Encyclopedia

  • ISBN-13: 9781554071265
  • $14.73

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The demand for locally sourced organic foods continues to rise. This resource is a prime reference for the many who are growing or wanting to grow their own vegetables, herbs and fruits. The book features superb full-color photographs and illustrations and an easy-to-use A-Z directory. Comprehensive growing, harvesting and preserving tips and a wealth of recipes are a boon to gardeners and cooks alike. Practical aspects of gardening are explained in detail, with in-depth sections on creating a garden, pollination, soil fertility and greenhouse growing. Some of the topics covered are: Nutritional values The most useful and most recommended varieties Plant hardiness, propagation and growing guidelines Cropping, harvesting and storing Weed, pest and disease control Ornamental and wildlife value Pruning and training Companion planting Container growing. A yearly maintenance calendar, glossary, further reading section, seed sources list and detailed index round out this outstanding book.

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