W.B. DuBay's The Rook Archives Volume 1 (William B. Dubay's the Rook Archives)

  • ISBN-13: 9781506702841
  • Author: Bill Dubay
  • Publisher: Dark Horse Books
  • Publication date: 2017-05-09
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 128
  • $21.76

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From the pages of Warren Publishing's Eerie magazine, The Rook returns in new archival editions, bringing you the best of the time-travelling swash-buckler. Written by William B. Dubay and drawn by Jim Stenstrum, with covers by Paul Gulacy, The Rook follows scientist and adventurer Restin Dane as he travels through history righting wrongs and saving those in need, while investigating the mysteries of his own family history. Joined by robots he created, and traveling via his invention The Time Castle, the Rook takes readers on a journey through time they'll never forget.A value-priced, high-quality edition for Eerie and Creepy collectors.Dark Horse has re-launched The Rook with Steven Grant writing and Paul Gulacy providing the art.

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