Weeds and What They Tell Us

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This wonderful little book covers everything you need to know about the types of plants known as weeds. Ehrenfried Pfeiffer discusses the different varieties of weeds, how they grow, and what they can tell us about soil health. The process of combating weeds is discussed in principle, as well as in practice, so that it can be applied to any situation. First written in the 1950s, this is still one of the best overviews available on the subject.ContentsForewordIntroductionWeeds and What They Tell UsThe Battle Against WeedsThe Biological CombatWeedy WeedsMorning Glory and CoGoosefoot or ChenopodiaceaeParsleyPlantainPoisonous WeedsPleasant-looking WeedsMore Pleasant-looking WeedsSummer- and Fall-Flowering WeedsGood WeedsDynamic Plants

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