Working with Young Children

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Working with Young Children introduces your students to the fast-growing field of child care services and early childhood education. Your students will develop skills for guiding children effectively while keeping them healthy and safe. Working with Young Children applies child development principles to child care settings. On-site photos enhance the inviting, colorful format. Internet activities are included in every chapter. This text provides current health, safety, and nutrition information. Additional topics include: technology, cultural diversity, family stressors, and child care careers. A much-requested chapter on Child Development Principles and Theories has been added! This chapter contains current information on brain development and features the developmental theories of Erikson, Piaget, Vygotsky, and Gardner. Cross-Curricular Links and Workplace Links are added to the end-of-chapter activities. Topics include the CDA credential; guidance principles; water play, sand play, and blockbuilding experiences; updated health and nutrition information; and on-the-job applications.

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